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One Offs Involvement in the Word

One Offs assisted with the WORD

The Word

This dramatic 16m sculpture serves as a beacon for the Methodist Publishing House headquarters in Peterborough. The bold imagery makes a pertinent and powerful statement of the mission and ministry of the House.

‘The Word’ reveals at ground level, a plough blade breaking up the ground in preparation for the seeds to be sown. The same plough shape being also reminiscent of an open book.

The book’s message and the outcome of the plough are the same: an anticipated rich harvest represented by the nine ears of wheat, three on each of the three stalks curving upwards.

Each ear, laser cut out of metal, contains a ‘grain’ of richly coloured hand cast glass.

Within the sculpture, lights shine out at night through the glass, in a rainbow of colours from blues through to yellows, that catch the eye and imagination, shining out as a beacon of hope.

The building and sculpture were dedicated and officially opened in May 2002.

“One Offs are proud to have been part of this amazing project”