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one offs liited rolling into the futureONE OFFS CAN OFFER THE FOLLOWING SERVICES:

  • Pipe forming and bending
  • Rolling and bending a large range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Production of rolled, welded and drilled flanges (either as single items or in large quantities)
  • Plate rolling including such items as cylinders, tanks and cones
    2350 Long 1mm – 6mm
    2500 Long 6mm – 12mm
    3000 Long 12mm – 16mm
  • Shearing from 1 – 12mm thick
  • Folding from 1 – 12mm thick

one offs the end product

One Offs manufacture items that have a wide variety of applications. For instance rolled pipes and tubes can be used as hand rails, heating coils, cycle/street furniture and decorative signs, flat bar stringers are used as part of the construction of spiral staircases, formed aluminium sections are used in the double glazing industry and various stainless steel sections are used within the catering industry.

  • Use of computers allows us to offer an efficient cost effective service.
  • We can either use materials provided or source our own materials at a very competitive price.
  • Fast and reliable delivery services anywhere in Europe.
  • Next day delivery if required.

wide range of capabilities